Occupy Mars: The Game download torrent

Released: 2023
Genre: Action, Adventures, Simulators
Developer: Pyramid Games
Publisher: Pyramid Games
Version: v0.142.8 (69298)
Interface language: English
Voice language: English
Tablet: Sewn in

Briefly about the game:

Occupy Mars The Game represents everyone’s favorite sandbox style, which means that players will have a large open world, a lot of high technology, and complete freedom of action. Try to survive on Mars! The plot has been played out many times in films and various applications, but the creators have released a rather interesting version that deserves your attention. Here we have to become scientists who have a responsible mission: to become the first living beings on the red planet, to prepare the base, the foundations for colonizing this place in the future. The starting place must be chosen ideally so that buildings, all kinds of improvements, and new discoveries are successful. Other tasks include: mining minerals in the mountains, searching for water, producing oxygen, forming flora, fixing problems with equipment as quickly as possible, and effectively, and, of course, surviving. Can’t wait to find out? Then quickly click Occupy Mars The Game to download the torrent on our website.

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Trailer and gameplay for the game Occupy Mars: The Game

One of the highlights was the system for carrying out repair work, thought out and implemented with maximum reliability. You have to repair microcircuits not “by magic” or with a couple of blows with a hammer, but as in life: pick up a soldering iron, start analyzing the problem, and carry out the repair. You will have to take into account how it works and what it depends on so that the repair is successful and you do not create even more problems. And remember, time is limited! Use the instructions provided and study them carefully. Repairing the walls won’t be any easier. You will have to master the skills of working with a welding machine and understand how to optimally solve the problem. There will be no second chance, parts are expensive, and you may not have what you need at the moment. Did you manage? Then quickly begin creating the necessary conditions for the start of colonization, for example, begin installing solar panels or laying the foundation for the foundation of a residential block of buildings. There are many difficulties ahead, so it’s too early to rest.

Humanity has been dreaming of visiting Mars for a very long time; the planet is fraught with even more mysteries than the Earth’s satellite. To develop a desert planet, to be the first to live there, to create an atmosphere, to discover its mineral resources, to figure out how to get water or be able to find it, to get the first harvest on completely lifeless soil – a great mission not only for those who go there, but for all human civilization as a whole. It is difficult to count how many large and small tasks will fall on the shoulders of pioneers who dare to take a difficult path. Living on two planets and then populating others that were previously unsuitable for this is a task for more than one generation, previously considered simply fantastic. Today, thanks to the latest developments, this goal has become a reality. The game invites you to try on the role of heroes of all humanity, try to survive in space on an alien planet.

Repairing microcircuits, a home, a quadcopter or other systems will take place with maximum realism in several stages, just like in reality: you will need to select a tool, turn it on, carry out the correct sequence of actions, while focusing on knowledge, logic, complete, then check the result on strength, serviceability. There will be plenty of similar situations at every turn, different levels of difficulty will require the player to have good ingenuity, resourcefulness, the ability to quickly navigate changing conditions, and much more. Building a base is not everything. It is very important to monitor and control all parameters important for survival: oxygen levels, temperature, energy reserves, water, food, medicines. Greenhouses will provide food, but you need to check the serviceability of oxygen cylinders, energy generators, the availability of fuel, correct operation, the integrity of power supply systems, all pipes, various cables, and wiring. You can download the Occupy Mars The Game torrent in Russian from Mechanics full version on this site without any problems or spending extra time.

In the game, everything will need to start from the beginning, the first task will be to obtain and use oxygen reserves. On a planet without an atmosphere, absolutely everything depends on it: the survival of humans, plants, and much more. Caring for the prosperity of the station and maintaining all the characteristics is not everything. Mining the rocks will benefit research, replenish useful resources, become an important part of the colonial expedition, perhaps even open up new sources of energy for the Earth. The game will not only help you have an interesting time, but will immerse you in a realistic atmosphere, you will learn how to do many technical operations, improve your skills, be able to show resourcefulness, master knowledge in various scientific fields, get acquainted with the interconnections of seemingly completely disparate processes, and much more.

Exploration of new areas, which in the future will have to be built up and populated by people, is one of the most important parts of the game. It is not enough to simply find a level place with a sufficient level of safety. You will have to study the above-ground and underground landscape, find out whether there is water nearby, how much the temperature changes during the day, whether there are sandstorms or rockfalls from the mountains. All these parameters are responsible for the stability of life support, the expenditure of resources on stabilization, improvement of conditions, and you have full responsibility for the future of earthlings who decide to move to Mars under the care of the first researchers who have successfully mastered the complex planet.

Realistic circadian rhythms will force you to think carefully about how to accumulate and store solar energy, install panels correctly, improve them, think through all the important details so that the colony receives power continuously and the systems work smoothly. After you launch Occupy Mars The Game download torrent in Russian latest version, you can go explore the surface of Mars on an ATV, look for fossils, conquer an impenetrable landscape, and improve methods of delivering useful things to the laboratory. Before dark, you should not go far from the base; the sudden cold snap will quickly lead to your death. In the most unexpected moments, you will have to quickly figure out how to solve the problems of climate conditions and cope with natural disasters.


1. Unpack the archive (the main thing is that there is no Cyrillic alphabet on the path to the game folder).
2. Launch the game.

System requirements:

OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i5-6400 / AMD Ryzen 5 1500X
Video card: RX 570 / GeForce GTX 970
DirectX: Versions 11
Disk space: 15 GB

On this page, you can download the game Occupy Mars: The Game via torrent for free on PC.


Occupy Mars: The Game
Occupy Mars: The Game
Occupy Mars: The Game

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