Trans-Siberian Railway Simulator download torrent

Released: 2024
Genre: Simulators
Developer: Pentacle
Publisher: PlayWay SA
Version:Build 14521933
Interface language: Russian English
Voice language: Russian
Tablet: Sewn in (Goldberg)

Briefly about the game:
How long do you think the Trans-Siberian Railway is? Just so you know, this railway runs through almost the whole of Russia and carries a huge number of trains on its rails every day. In this game simulator you will become a driver and will be able to find out all the details of the journey over such a long period of time. Therefore, if you like this kind of simulators, then you are welcome to our gaming resource. There you can download the Trans-Siberian Railway Simulator torrent. The events of the game, as you already understood, will take place on the territory of Siberia, so they will not be waiting for you with open arms. Sometimes breakdowns will occur, and you will have to repair the train yourself. There may also be a fallen tree on the way, or a wild animal, or perhaps criminals who have escaped from prison. Therefore, when leaving the locomotive, it is better to grab a weapon for greater safety.

24.23 GB
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Trailer and gameplay for the game Trans-Siberian Railway Simulator

Game process
In fact, only at first it seems that sitting at the controls of a huge locomotive is easy and simple. But in reality, everything turns out to be much more complicated. The driver may have many problems along the way, and there will be some that may pose a threat to your life. For example, you must constantly monitor speed indicators, the technical condition of the train, and carry out maintenance work on time. Weather conditions can be very different, so be careful not to ice your wheels. To do this you will have to knock down all the icicles. If a tree has fallen on the way, then you will need to cut the obstacle and only then continue on your own path. Remember that wild animals may attack you.

the change of night and day
Another remarkable thing about the gameplay of the Trans-Siberian Railway Simulator project is the change of day and night. Therefore, quite unusual situations will periodically occur in the game. For example, you can travel along the railway in pitch darkness during a snowstorm. The only light source is the spotlight on your locomotive, so in such darkness you may not notice the turn or the animals. Game events are randomized, so you always have the opportunity to learn new things.

Features of Trans-Siberian Railway Simulator

  • This project will be a real adventure where you will have to be alone in the middle of the snow and vast expanses of Siberia.
  • You also need to deal with the assembly of wagons, because you have the opportunity to transport really large parcels.
  • You can fight with wolves or start shooting at criminals who are hiding in the forest.

Features of the repack:
– Based on the release from Steam
– Nothing cut/nothing re-encoded
– Game version: Build 14521933
– Change the language in the game settings
– Installation time ~ 5 minutes (Depends on the computer)

System requirements
OS: Windows 7 (64-bit)
Processor: Core i5-2500K 3.3GHz / Phenom II X4 940
Video card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 / AMD Radeon HD 7870
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Disk space: 30 GB

On this page you can download the game Trans-Siberian Railway Simulator via torrent for free on PC.


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