Aliens: Fireteam Elite download torrent

Released: 2021
Genre: Action, RPG
Developer: Cold Iron Studios
Publisher: Cold Iron Studios, Focus Home Interactive
Version: v1.0.5.114925 (Build 12885742)
Interface language: English
Voice language: English
Tablet: Sewn in

Briefly about the game:

Aliens Fireteam is a game in which extraterrestrial and very dangerous creatures begin their destructive actions, destroying everything and everyone who gets in their way and knocks them off course. The idea for the game plot was taken from the famous film about aliens who fought with people on Earth. In our case, people, namely a group of mercenaries, decided to repel the enemies and entered into battle with them. If you want to help people and decide to download Aliens: Fireteam via torrent on PC in Russian, then be sure to remember your combat skills and study all the nuances of the passage to know what may be ahead. But you will not be acting on Earth, but on the aliens’ native planet, which aggravates the situation and gives no room for error.

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Trailer and gameplay for the game Aliens: Fireteam Elite

Team task

An interesting feature is team play, which will become the basis of the passage, i.e. collaboration. The entire team includes a variety of fighters, each of whom will have a weapon of their own class. For example, an assault fighter with the help of his machine gun and abilities can attack a group of enemies. The team also includes a tank, assassins and a support fighter. Together with them, you will be able to think through the attacks of your allies and achieve greater damage to the enemy.

But the enemies also have a class division and corresponding skills, so the battle will be on equal terms. To resist unearthly creatures, it is important to act clearly, harmoniously and strictly according to plan. If the attack is carried out correctly, the enemy will undoubtedly be defeated. An equally important task is to prevent strangers from surrounding you. If you are interested in the game and you decide to download Aliens: Fireteam via torrent on a PC in Russian, then be sure to learn about character control and features of the game world.


The main points of the passage include:
– the opportunity to lead a great battle between foreign and mercenary groups;
– a huge military arsenal to destroy enemies;
– the game has a real-time mode, which makes it epic;
– various tasks and the ability to improve the previous result of the speed of clearing the territory from the enemy;
– if you are not new to this kind of games, then there is a very difficult level for you, but for beginners there is an easier level.


1. Download the folder to any location (the main thing is that there is no Cyrillic alphabet on the path to the game folder).
2. Launch and play!


– Season 1: Phalanx
– Season 2: Point Defense
– Endeavor Veteran Pack
– Wey-Yu Armory
– Hardened Marine Pack
– Nostromo Salvage Pack
– UACM Frontline Pack
– Frontier Freelancer Pack
– Pathogen Expansion

System requirements:

OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Athlon X4 950 / i5-2500K
Video card: R9 285 4GB / GTX 760 4GB
DirectX: Versions 11
Disk space: 30 GB

On this page you can download the game Aliens: Fireteam Elite via torrent for free on PC.


Aliens: Fireteam Elite
Aliens: Fireteam Elite
Aliens: Fireteam Elite

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