Moons of Ardan download torrent

Released: 2021
Genre: Strategy, Simulators
Developer: Pandora Technology
Publisher: Pandora Technology
Version: v0.11.0.9
Interface language: English
Voice language: English
Tablet: Sewn in

Briefly about the game:

Moons of Ardan is an excellent project dedicated to urban planning, quite unusual, standing out among its analogues due to the principle of developing its own civilization, living on three real moons. The plot begins with a catastrophe, after which the main character will have to devote himself to the complex process of restoring a once majestic culture and creating new conditions for prosperity for it. Everything happens in real time, so don’t hesitate.

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Trailer and gameplay for the game Moons of Ardan


To successfully restore civilization, you will have to collect numerous materials and build a huge number of buildings. Think carefully about how and where you will employ workers. A lot will depend on this, including how powerful and developed the planet (moon) will become, what its economy will be, and much more. Create your own developed transport network, set up processes, develop new technologies in the modern world, which will help you quickly expand your empire.

Effective use of trade routes will ensure timely delivery of all necessary resources to cities and industries. The fate of civilization is in your hands, the opportunity to take it to a new level. Build more amazing objects and enjoy great views. If you want to start playing as quickly as possible, choose Moons of Ardan torrent download on PC for free.


– Collect various resources, processing them into items necessary for residents;
– Creation of new, expanded colonies to increase the territory of the empire;
– Discovery of new materials in open areas;
– The three moons that the player will have to inhabit were manually created by the developers.


1. Unpack the archive (the main thing is that there is no Cyrillic alphabet on the path to the game folder).
2. Launch the game.

System requirements:

OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (64-bit)
Processor: 3.2 GHz Quad Core
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050
DirectX: Versions 11
Disk space: 1 GB

On this page, you can download the game Moons of Ardan via torrent for free on PC.


Moons of Ardan
Moons of Ardan
Moons of Ardan

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