TheHunter: Call of the Wild download torrent

Released: 2017
Genre: Adventures, Sports, Simulators
Developer: Expansive Worlds
Publisher: Expansive Worlds
Version: v2649775 (Build 12715374)
Interface language: English
Voice language: English
Tablet: Sewn in

Briefly about the game:

The gaming universe is constantly being updated with unique projects, offering gamers exciting adventures. The Hunter: Call of the Wild is rightfully considered one of the most striking projects. With its help, you will go on an unforgettable journey, becoming an experienced hunter or wild animal. You will be able to enjoy the extremely mesmerizing beauties of untouched nature and explore the colorful locations of the huge gaming universe. The area where animals live and unusual plants grow is about fifty thousand square kilometers. The entire space is open for detailed study. You can enjoy the gameplay with your friends, as the project is designed for up to eight users. Incredible beauties were created using the Apex engine. If you want to try something unusual and become part of a large-scale action, just download The Hunter: Call of the Wild via torrent using the convenient menu of our website. You will be given many opportunities to achieve your goals.

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Trailer and gameplay for the game TheHunter: Call of the Wild

Features of the project:

  • A universe of incredible size is available to players; the virtual world is open for exploration. Various natural locations will open before you, with strange plants and exciting events.
  • It is worth noting that when entering the natural environment of wild animals, it is necessary to reliably simulate their behavior, habits and characteristics. This also applies to the food chain.
  • The developers have created many interesting places for a pleasant pastime; here you will see forest thickets, wetlands, endless prairies, mountains and lowlands, lakes, rivers and much more. Each of the natural zones is as realistic as possible.
  • If you choose to become a hunter, you will have to draw the adventure map yourself. Mark important places, hunting towers, etc.
  • To make hunting for wild fauna productive, it is worth studying the habits of the target and choosing the best option for traps, snares and snares. If you hesitate, you risk losing your game.
  • Game makers have introduced a wide range of different weapons, so you can choose the most suitable option to catch your victim. Hunting can take place both at long and close distances, it’s up to you to decide.
  • The series has developed and modernized over ten long years, and has reached a fairly high level. Many quality changes have been made, so the project not only has an impeccable appearance, but also allows you to plunge into breathtaking adventures that have never happened before. The functionality has also been significantly expanded.
  • In addition to weapons, you will be given a choice of various modifiers that will make it possible to modify the main purpose of a particular weapon. You can highlight silencers, sights, decoys and other elements that will help you achieve success in completing missions.

The simulator of wild life and hunting invariably honors traditions, while expanding the gaming space. The engine and graphic design are regularly improved. You are guaranteed to get tremendous pleasure from the process.


1. Mount the image.
2. Install following the installation program instructions.
3. Launch the game.


– DLC1
– 7mm Empress Magnum
– .44 Wild Cat Magnum
– Gamekeeper 12G
– Bearclaw Lite Compound Bow
– Facing the Wild 1
– Tents & Ground Blinds
– Shooting Range
– Medved-Taiga
– Backpacks
– Weapon Pack 1
– New Species 2018
– Wild Goose Chase Gear
– Vurhonga Savanna
– Duck and Cover Pack
-Parque Fernando
– New Species 2019
-Weapon Pack 2
– Trophy Lodge Spring Creek Manor
– Treestand & Tripod Pack
– Yukon Valley
-Weapon Pack 3
– High-Tech Hunting Pack
– Saseka Safari Trophy Lodge
– Cuatro Colinas Game Reserve
– Smoking Barrels Weapon Pack
– Silver Ridge Peaks
– Remi Warren
– Free Species: European Rabbit
– Te Awaroa National Park
– Bloodhound
– Rancho del Arroyo
-Mississippi Acres Preserve
– Modern Rifle Pack
– Revontuli Coast
– Assorted Sidearms Pack
– New England Mountains
– Layton Lake Cosmetic Pack
– Medved-Taiga Cosmetic Pack
– Vurhonga Savanna Cosmetic Pack
– Parque Fernando Cosmetic Pack
– New England Scout Cosmetic Pack
– New England Veteran Cosmetic Pack
– Hirschfelden Veteran Cosmetic Pack
– Hunter Power Pack
– Emerald Coast Australia
– Ambusher Pack
– Labrador Retriever

System requirements:

OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel i3-4170
Video card: NVIDIA GTX 660 / ATI HD7870
Disk space: 60 GB

On this page, you can download the game TheHunter: Call of the Wild via torrent for free on PC.


TheHunter: Call of the Wild
TheHunter: Call of the Wild
TheHunter: Call of the Wild

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